The Gentlemen’s Kitchen – EVENT RECAP


I’d like to send a HUGE thank you to all of the patrons at the second Gentlemen’s Kitchen showcase! Ryan and I could have not pulled off a phenomenal event without the support of wonderful friends, foodies, and folks of NYC (near and far)!


Not only did the food (every dish from veggie & pesto soup, BBQ chicken, fish with consommé, and sweet edible treats with ginger ice cream ) become a hit but so did the beautiful DJ! She really rocked out the house with her incredible mix of classic beats to compliment the tempo of the night.


Finally, a big shout out to Corner Social for their wonderful staff and willingness to open their house to two eager culinary creators.


NOW…feel free to view/share the recap snapshots from the night! There are surely a lot of beautiful faces out in the crowd, eh?! 😀 Also, please make sure to follow/like us on Facebook.


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Until next time,


** Photo Courtesy of Korey Williams*